On Demand Video Interview

On Demand Video Interview

Automated Acquisition of Video Responses of Candidates against questions set by hirer.

ODI allows hirers to step back and relax, when a pool of candidates is simultaneously giving answers to certain preset questions for an opening.

The product enables hirers to Judge Personality, Competence and Culture of a pool of candidates without hassle of coordination and personal time allocation. It helps in prioritizing and picking best fit candidates.

Job Posting

Complete Job Posting feature with detailed Job Description and additional informations.

Employer Branding

Enables employers to publish company information, video JD, presentations and etc. to attract best talent pool.

Set Questions

Hirers can set customized interview questions to judge certain parameters necessary for a particular job position.

Upload Candidate

Hirers can upload candidates list and can initimate multiple candidates simultaneously regarding Interview.

Set Deadlines

Companies can set deadlines also for online interview. Before and after which, interview link will not be accesible for candidates.

Video Responses

Multiple candidates can record their video responses simultaneously. All responses will be shown to company dashboard for evaluation.

Score Pad

Evaluators can view and score the video answers of each candidate and can record their evaluation scores and remarks.


Evaluation summary and analytics can be stored and shown in the form of reports. These reports can be seen and shared at any point.